Monthly Archives: April 2015

Earth is Home for all creatures.

Life is all around us, we as humans for centuries have seen Nature as something separated from our existence, something to be conquered. Our planet is still full of beauty and wonder far in exotic locations and right in the places we live, and is the only home for all species including our own. Celebrating Earth’s Day is a great chance to think about new ways of living our lives in tune with the environment.

When the the house meets work.

As some of you might have read in a previous post I made a trip a couple of weeks ago to the Sierra Norte in Puebla, in my home country Mexico. Needless to say I made a lot of pictures from which some of them I want to share here with you. In the meantime there has been a lot of work here at home besides my usual photography-related work-job-hobby-love.  The house is under a renovation process, a new bathroom, new tile flooring down stairs, a room upstairs, etc. For sure the entire house is a total mess, and there loads of things to do, I hope I have soon more time to spare at the computer getting ready those images. In the meantime I show here some of my very “few” tasks 🙂

The beauty is in the Journey.

Years ago I limited myself to make use of my camera only when getting to the destination of a trip. Getting deep into Photography has openened my eyes and soul to find views that resonate with my feelings along the road, along Life.