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También las ofrendas mueren.

El penúltimo mes del año se va ya, atrás han quedado las calaveras, las calacas, las ofrendas colmadas del amarillo-naranja aroma a zempasúchil, el papel picado, las cazuelas con mole y los tamales, los caballitos con tequila y mezcal y las ánimas invitadas al festín de cada año.

Noviembre llega hoy a su fin, y sólo quedarán 31 días para disfrutar o sufrir éste año, para pensar en cenas y regalos, para andar a toda prisa, para cerrar viejos ciclos y plantear los nuevos. Hoy empieza a marchitarse el 2015, pero los años, como las flores, mueren también para fertilizar la vida de lo que está por nacer.


Catching life’s details with the Fuji X100S.

In the areas close to home there are still open spaces that allow life flourish free most of the year. A small park and the surroundings of a basketball field benefit of the proximity of a large property that has only a house isolated in it and a school that has also its backyard left unconstructed. I go there often mostly in the mornings when I don’t go to run and ride my bicycle some other place because I don’t have enough time, or I feel more like being where I can be alone or almost alone since just a few people use to go there early.

Grass grows tall and some kinds of wildflowers flourish in these areas too, allowing bugs, spiders, grasshoppers and even bees and butterflies feed, enjoy the sun and the wind, mate and take shelter at night or when the weather gets rough. Many times I go there to stretch and meditate, and I bring a camera along and enjoy my time there contemplating the morning light from that high terrain in the hill, also appreciating and photographing the beautiful sights of the small details and creatures.

Luckily my Fuji X100S allows me to get as close as 10cm from this kind of scenes so without hauling specific closeup or macro gear I’ve had the chance to make several images there playing with the light, the shapes and textures, in colour or black and white. The morning of this image the grass was especially high after most of the summer and I watched these winged creatures being lit by a spot of sunlight, I did my best getting closer among the grass without spoiling them and shot a few frames. I think the best one is this with nice lighting, colour contrast and the out of focus areas that the X100S lens renders so well, something I surely love!


Relaxing the feline way.

Well it’s “caturday”, so I couldn’t help to share yet another image of one my two cats, this one taking a delicious nap is my beloved Fuzito, the older of the two, and the one that made an appearance next to my bicycle in the post of this past November 18. Since all that can be seen from him is his back and not at all his face, I believe the following image is a much better angle to introduce him to you. By the way, since in the US Thanksgiving was just celebrated I can surely say that sharing my life with this lovely cat and his little “brother” is really something I can be really thankful for!

I made this photo back in 2012 with my great Nikon D200 and a 50mm F1.8D Nikkor lens, a very nice combo which I enjoyed a lot taking along with me everywhere, and certainly used a lot at home too.

Keep on having a nice weekend!!



Note: Sometimes computers, bits and bytes don’t get work well together, last night I finished this post and hit the publish button on the visual editor, this following morning I just found out it was not published, my apologies for this interruption of my month of posting every day, anyway here it is, thanks!!


If there is something special and distinctive about the Fujifilm X100 series since it was introduced to the photography world, besides its gorgeous retro looks is that it’s a camera really well suited for street photography. It became evident when a lot of photographers began publishing their experiences using it on the streets, and the loads of images flooded on Flickr, Instagram and other social outlets where scenes of everyday urban life, peculiar moments or interesting people were portrayed in colour or B&W.

All of this street photo “boom” awoke in me the itch about experimenting more the streets with a camera, I had previously photographed on the streets but mostly around special events, parades, festivals or even a manifestation against some social issues. This was done first with a Nikon DSLR and later with my Nikon 1 mirrorless camera, which of course made it a lot easier, carrying less weight and being more inconspicuous.

When I got my X100S, I started making photos of several different subjects, but taking it to the street just for the sake of capturing it in camera did not come so soon, perhaps because I hadn’t got the hang of it to react as quickly as I wanted, and also because I didn’t feel comfortable enough to deal with pointing the lens at strangers, which still happens to me sometimes by the way. Finally I did make some images more in the way I liked with more or less success, sometimes capturing something interesting.

Having reviewed my early work with the X100S I believe this is my first “true” street photo, no so well technically or compositionally executed, but I hope it has something peculiar or interesting about it.


Mi pequeño homenaje a Gloria Contreras.

Hace algunas horas que apareció la noticia en los medios, Gloria Contreras, una gran bailarina y coreógrafa, fundadora del Taller Coreográfico de la UNAM se nos adelantó en el camino.

En mayo de 2010 tuve la fortuna de presenciar uno de sus ensayos en la Sala Miguel Covarrubias, curiosamente coincidiendo con algo de la producción de un documental sobre Gloria, fueron momentos donde pude apreciar la intensidad de su trabajo con los bailarines de su taller, con suavidad y firmeza daba indicaciones y afinaba las rutinas, para mí fueron vistazos íntimos a lo que muchas veces sólo se puede apreciar como un trabajo terminado.

Les comparto esta breve galería como un pequeño homenaje al quehacer y la vida de Doña Gloria, quien entregó su vida  a mover las fibras del alma con su arte.

Recuerdos cibernéticos.

El contar con una vida “online ” de repente tiene sus ventajas. Hoy ya entrada la tarde recibí una notificación en Facebook en la que se me avisó que una amiga de Coahuila, Yesenia, había compartido una publicación mía.

Con la curiosidad despierta me pregunté, de lo más reciente, qué es lo que habría sido de su interés para haber tenido la delicadeza de compartirlo, para sorpresa mía se trató de una fotografía que hice de ella, su hermana y su prima en una visita que hicieron acá a la Ciudad de México en 2011!

El recuerdo de ese día en que conocí personalmente a tres bellas norteñas con las que compartí buenos momentos dibujó una sonrisa en mi rostro. Sólo por el gusto hice una versión de la foto dándole un toque del paso del tiempo, como un breve llamado a la nostalgia.



Sometimes I have the feel of being wrapped around a whirlwind of thoughts, of emotions, I’m stretched around the whirlwind, my body vanishing outwards, the centre of the whirlwind is the black entrance of the abyss that goes into the deep to somewhere who knows where.

A veces tengo la sensación de estar envuelto alrededor de un remolino de pensamientos, de emociones, soy extendido alrededor del remolino. mi cuerpo desvaneciéndose hacia el exterior, el centro del remolino es la negra entrada del abismo hacia lo profundo de algún lugar que quien sabe donde.


5 years of WordPress

Today I’m celebrating that 5 years ago I started up this blog with WordPress. At first, despite the statement that one can start blogging in five minutes, the task of all the decisions that have to be made about the structure of the site, the choice of theme, and the learning curve of all the tricks of the trade takes its time, for me it took several weeks and even today I have a lot yet to learn. However, the experience is very much rewarding, and having the chance to share my images, thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world is what still drives me to improve in blogging, I hope it just will get better.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 6.14.21 PM

Llegaron las orquídeas, hace ya rato.

Cada año las orquídeas de Doña Teté mi vecina dan un bello toque de color a su jardín, y ya que la barda divisoria entre las casas es muy bajita, alegran la vista de ambos jardines. Desde hace varios años cuando aparecen las flores no puedo evitar el hacerles unas fotos y de cuando en cuando durante el tiempo que dura la floración mi admiración continúa y me deleito en contemplarlas, buscando algún nuevo ángulo o algo distinto en ellas que me llame la atención.

2015-11-10 09.38.01-1

iPhone 6

Este año ha sido muy intenso con muchas actividades en casa y con mis proyectos, los momentos para apreciar el entorno han sido escasos lo que no ayuda a hacer buenas fotos, llevo ya bastantes días esperando a estar en el momento adecuado para que una la luz bella ilumine las orquídeas de manera diferente, espero encontrar ese momento. Les dejo una toma reciente hecha con el iPhone, y una del año pasado hecha con la Fuji X100S con un encuadre muy distinto, a ver que tal les parece.


Fuji X100S

First “caturday” with the X100S

Being such a lover of my two cats it’s sure that they figured among my first subjects for testing a new camera. As I mentioned in a previous post I got my X100S in last year’s June, at that time this little Fujifilm gem had been in the mind of a lot of photographers since it was announced as the successor to the original X100, a wonderful, innovative, but certainly quirky camera.

Having got my fist experiences with mirrorless cameras with the Nikon 1 system, which I sill use from time to time, and later with a Sony A7 for just a couple of months I already knew that this little but capable cameras were a good alternative to a DSLR. Since the A7 didn’t quite have for me that “magic touch” and having read wonders about the X100S I changed from the Sony to the Fuji, and that very first day when I got home with the new toy I made some images.

From those images I share with you one of the little “brother” of my other “child”, the one that has appeared on the post “Two journeys”, it’s a simple portrait, but nonetheless it is a significative picture for me, because of the one that appears in it, and because it’s made with a camera I’ve really become to appreciate.


Cosa de juego.

En estos tiempos para muchos en México los ideales y valores revolucionarios ya son sólo cosa de juego, y el Monumento a la Revolución y sus alrededores no pasan de ser un lugar para divertirse. En vano el sangrado de la tierra mexicana y la pérdida de tantos miles de vidas. Ojalá  pudiéramos hacer una revolución de nuestra consciencia como seres humanos.


Blogger en la Ciudad de México 

La vida diaria y el trajín de cruzar de un lado a otro de una ciudad tan enorme como esta no siempre da oportunidad de atender todas las tareas que uno se impone. Para el post de hoy estuve revisando unas imágenes y preparando un texto que a la hora de la hora siento que necesita pulirse un poco más, espero en unas horas compartirlo con ustedes. 

Dicen que para muestra basta un botón, comencé con esta reflexión mientras estaba en el Metro, y la vengo a terminar recién llegado a casa, mientras el reloj va juntando sus manecillas bajo el signo de las doce de la noche.