11, 11.

November 11, a good day to get back again to the blogging days! This part of the season brings more chances to be contemplative, and the first few days of december are the warming up for Christmas, with all its joy, and before the rush to get ready all the presents, trying to give a hug to everyone, the cooking of all the dishes for that very special dinner, and do lots of things before the year reaches its end.

For me it’s been really tough sometimes to do everything that needs to be done. Until now I haven’t found a good recipe for making enough time to post here and comment on my facebook profile, all the groups I belong to, twitter, instagram, and more recently my facebook fan page (lets not talk about reviewing email please), and also making images, editing, post processing, and finding ways to market my work, so I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this crazy project: Blogging every day from today november 11 until december 11.

I know, for those of you who have followed this blog, for which I’m very thankful, it might seem a little crazy (or a lot) since the frequency of my posting has never been even close to that. I’ve always wanted this blog to be the main showcase of my photographic experiences close to home and when I travel, so I’m seeing this challenge as an opportunity to get myself more into it and making it part of my routine. In fact, I see this opportunity like sort of a new beginning, like every morning when the sun rises and lights the day.


So the board is set, I’ll do my best during this following month to share with you everyday a new post, be it about a story, an image, even a simple thought, in english or spanish, or both if I have the chance. I’m sure that at least for me it’s going to be a rewarding experience, and I really hope you enjoy it, cheers!


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