English vs Español

Some of you might wonder why some posts on the blog are written in English and some in Spanish, and there are cases where I use both languages in a single post, well, I was born in Mexico City from mexican parents, my mother was born in the state of Jalisco and my father is from Guerrero, both left their hometown in the early years of their lives and met each other at work years later, with the consequence that my brother and I were born. So, my first language is Spanish, beautiful indeed and my main way of expressing myself with words, but also since my kindergarden days I began to learn a little bit of English, just the basics, but I enjoyed it.

Learning English as a second language has been a needed skill here in Mexico, a lot of books, magazines and in more recent times all sorts of information on the web come written (or spoken) in English and in fact the language is taken as sort of universal in the occidental world. Besides this utilitarian side, English is a beautiful language, like the majority, and studying and learning it has been for me like opening a door to other cultures and ways of thinking, in fact most of my knowledge about photography has been possible thanks to my encounters with magazines like Outdoor Photographer from the US and a few others mainly from Canada and the UK.

Here with my blog I have always intended to reach to an international audience, sharing my thoughts and images with people from all over the world, both from my country and and from every place where there is someone who can appreciate what I do. I apologise if I can not write both in Spanish and English all the times, it’s just because time is not always enough, or I am not able to find the right words to say what I have to say in  either of the two languages.

Anyway, at last my ultimate means of expression, are my images.


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