Catching life’s details with the Fuji X100S.

In the areas close to home there are still open spaces that allow life flourish free most of the year. A small park and the surroundings of a basketball field benefit of the proximity of a large property that has only a house isolated in it and a school that has also its backyard left unconstructed. I go there often mostly in the mornings when I don’t go to run and ride my bicycle some other place because I don’t have enough time, or I feel more like being where I can be alone or almost alone since just a few people use to go there early.

Grass grows tall and some kinds of wildflowers flourish in these areas too, allowing bugs, spiders, grasshoppers and even bees and butterflies feed, enjoy the sun and the wind, mate and take shelter at night or when the weather gets rough. Many times I go there to stretch and meditate, and I bring a camera along and enjoy my time there contemplating the morning light from that high terrain in the hill, also appreciating and photographing the beautiful sights of the small details and creatures.

Luckily my Fuji X100S allows me to get as close as 10cm from this kind of scenes so without hauling specific closeup or macro gear I’ve had the chance to make several images there playing with the light, the shapes and textures, in colour or black and white. The morning of this image the grass was especially high after most of the summer and I watched these winged creatures being lit by a spot of sunlight, I did my best getting closer among the grass without spoiling them and shot a few frames. I think the best one is this with nice lighting, colour contrast and the out of focus areas that the X100S lens renders so well, something I surely love!



3 thoughts on “Catching life’s details with the Fuji X100S.

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