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Happy Holidays!!

Back again on the blog after a week of travel and preparing for Christmas. It’s my pleasure to wish you all a happy holiday season, hoping that the spirit of Christmas bring you lots of joy and peace with your families and friends!! 


December 11.

December is usually a month to wrap up things, projects, relationships.

Today this sudden idea of posting everyday for one month comes to its end, an adventure on its own, something to blog about! In fact, before starting the challenge the very idea seemed scary, from the previous experience with Ojo de Piedra my expectations about being able to post daily were not the highest to say the least, but, on the other hand, also from experience I knew a lot of fellow bloggers post every day so, why not?

It wasn’t so easy though, trying to come up with an idea every day even though I made up a list of possible themes to have at hand the mood of the day, the need for much more time to work on a post, or in some cases suddenly knowing about something important to write about made me change my mind and plans. Many days developing the idea had to take place in the evening or late at night because of the tasks I had at home for the day, or because I had to take a stroll downtown or other areas of the city, Mexico City which is really really huge, or the long hours I had to devote to a project that involves promoting my images, taking care of my cats, etc, etc.

The experience has been very rewarding, enjoyable the most of the time, and some days struggling with myself fighting the feel of being tired, or not with enough inspiration, but at last a whole lot of learning. Now I feel more confident about what I can do, to let life flow trough words and sentences without being under so much pressure of finding the “right” topic or story. I don’t really have the hang of blogging yet though, there is a lot to improve, especially dealing with the interaction with people that honour me with their likes and comments, with the new followers of this blog whom which I’m very very thankful, and with the authors of the blogs I follow, from which I get so much learning and inspiration.

So, this year has reached the Holiday season, soon it will be gone, just as this month of blogging ends here, though, more than that it’s more of a start, for this post certainly is not the last, thanks everyone!!

Staring at the lights

The cold refreshes the memories.

The past few days were among the coldest of this autumn here at home, dark gray skies and rainy weather that barely let the sun shine through and the feeling that the hands will never be warm again. 

Yesterday while reviewing some images of my first course of trekking, climbing and mountaineering in 2007 I found this image of a place in the proximity of Nevado de Toluca, one of Mexico’s highest volcanoes.  This area was about to be where our group would spend the night with no tents, just a vivac and yes, in a really cold environment,  so much that I spent that night walking, watching the stars and taking a few photos.

I processed the image like an infrared to emphasize the sensations of the cold that many of us experienced that night eight years ago.


129 years old 

If the great mexican master painter Diego Rivera were still alive today, I wonder, what would he paint?, would he still have something in today’s Mexico to be proud of? Perhaps he’d just bring back memories  of a better age while looking at his own work.

While visiting the Estudio Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City I found among a collection of toys, furniture and figures that belonged him a set of pastel crayons which he used for drawing and sketching, and, amazed by being before some of the tools that many years ago he grabbed in his own hands, my imagination made me think of those moments when by tracing here and there, with one color or the other, his inspiration took shape on paper.


Where d’ya think you’re going human?

Those who have cats as family know that sometimes one is reduced to the role of a pillow. However it’s nice to have a smartphone at hand to capture moments like this. Later I tuned the image in the Snapseed iOS app and used the VSCO app to enhance the mood.

Happy caturday 🙂


Into the depths (TBT)

For this throwback thursday I’d like to share this image from back in 2005. Some friends and I posing for the “before the adventure” shot previous to making the journey through the Chonta underground river in Guerrero, Mexico. The journey takes from six to eight hours of walking and swimming in the river that goes trough the cave, that can be achieved all at once, or trekking half of the distance, camping for a few hours, which we did on that occasion, and resuming the next day. It requires some physical effort, but it’s absolutely rewarding.

This was the second or perhaps the third time I went to trek the Chonta river, I really liked it and I came back there several times, but going there for the first time a couple of years before and my destiny was all set up. The experience of going so many hours into the dark, looking at the huge chambers inside the earth while floating in the river’s current lit only by our headlamps, witnessing the sheer power of the water, that stuck even really large tree trunks into the cave’s walls dozens of meters above the river’s level, and the excitement that back then was something really new for me, all of that drove me years later into learning and practicing much more serious caving.


El gusto por la tradición.

Al recorrer las calles del centro de la Ciudad de México se ve uno inmerso en una dinámica vertiginosa, la gente, los autos y ciclistas yendo de un lado a otro, los cláxones, los gritos. 

Ahí mismo hay establecimientos comerciales que dan atención a este ir y venir expendiendo sus mercancías a su apresurada clientela, desde refacciones y ropa, hasta regalos al paladar. En el primer cuadro de la ciudad tenemos la fortuna de contar aún con panaderías que ostentan décadas y décadas de tradición como La Ideal y La Vasconia. Este sabor de tradición, que me remite a tiempos pasados adereza siempre una visita a comprar un detalle para el paladar.

Andando por el Centro procuro hacer una visita a La Vasconia, en la esquina de Tacuba y Palma, a veces a comer una rica torta, o una pieza de pollo rostizado, pero con más frecuencia a adquirir unas ricas pastitas, como un pequeño y sabroso postre mientras camino por ahí con mi cámara o para acompañar un humeante café en casa.