December 11.

December is usually a month to wrap up things, projects, relationships.

Today this sudden idea of posting everyday for one month comes to its end, an adventure on its own, something to blog about! In fact, before starting the challenge the very idea seemed scary, from the previous experience with Ojo de Piedra my expectations about being able to post daily were not the highest to say the least, but, on the other hand, also from experience I knew a lot of fellow bloggers post every day so, why not?

It wasn’t so easy though, trying to come up with an idea every day even though I made up a list of possible themes to have at hand the mood of the day, the need for much more time to work on a post, or in some cases suddenly knowing about something important to write about made me change my mind and plans. Many days developing the idea had to take place in the evening or late at night because of the tasks I had at home for the day, or because I had to take a stroll downtown or other areas of the city, Mexico City which is really really huge, or the long hours I had to devote to a project that involves promoting my images, taking care of my cats, etc, etc.

The experience has been very rewarding, enjoyable the most of the time, and some days struggling with myself fighting the feel of being tired, or not with enough inspiration, but at last a whole lot of learning. Now I feel more confident about what I can do, to let life flow trough words and sentences without being under so much pressure of finding the “right” topic or story. I don’t really have the hang of blogging yet though, there is a lot to improve, especially dealing with the interaction with people that honour me with their likes and comments, with the new followers of this blog whom which I’m very very thankful, and with the authors of the blogs I follow, from which I get so much learning and inspiration.

So, this year has reached the Holiday season, soon it will be gone, just as this month of blogging ends here, though, more than that it’s more of a start, for this post certainly is not the last, thanks everyone!!

Staring at the lights


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