Monthly Archives: January 2016

Taking the leap. Dar el salto.

Along with my Everyday One Month Blogging challenge during last years November and December there was going on another challenge perhaps even greater: selecting a body of work among all my images suitable for selling as printed art.

the process took weeks but as last year was ending and after long hours of reviewing and introspection I got to come up to the core, or sort of a core of what defines my work, my vision. I also finally found a good service to print and mount the images after trying at several places, and I’m also really happy to say I made my first delivery a couple weeks ago for friends who live in the state of Queretaro, Mexico!!

Very soon I’m going to publish here on the blog a gallery of the first set of images available for print. Please stay tuned!

Al mismo tiempo que se llevaba a cabo mi reto de un mes publicando diariamente en mi blog el pasado noviembre y diciembre se me estaba presentando otro reto posiblemente aún mayor: seleccionar de entre todas mis imágenes un conjunto adecuado para poner en venta como arte impreso.

El proceso tomó varias semanas pero al tiempo en que el año pasado llegaba a su fin y después de largas horas de revisión e introspección pude llegar al centro, o algo así como un eje sobre lo que define mi trabajo, mi visión. También después de probar diferentes servicios finalmente encontré uno bueno para imprimir y montar las imágenes, y estoy mas que gustoso de comunicar que hice mi primera entrega hace un par de semanas para unos amigos que viven en Querétaro, México!!

Muy pronto publicaré aquí en el blog una galería con el primer grupo de imágenes disponibles para impresión.  Por favor manténganse al pendiente!!


Another X has come

For a few weeks now I’ve been making images with another amazing toy from Fujifilm besides my beloved X100S, and no, it’s not the X-Pro2!, instead this little gem has been around on store shelves for several months already at least in the US, Japan, Europe. Here in Mexico it’s been available since last October and from the firs time I could get my hands on it I got hooked! I’m still getting accustomed to it, but so far a great experience!!!

I’ll be posting some of the results here, some home made and from this city, and some from a short tour trough Veracruz, Campeche and Yucatan, and a camping trip to Queretaro’s Sierra Gorda taken a few days ago. As expected the images look great!, the combo of the XT10 and the 18-55mm is very very capable and versatile and fun, stay tuned!!!


First monday of 2016

Officially the new year has started! I know last friday was January 1st, but at least for me it wasn’t really well suited to start full throttle going back to my normal activities nor it was for being on the contemplative-reflective channel, having home my brother and his two little children running and making noise all around the house.

After spending the weekend to get things a little back to “normal” I really think the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 is a time to reflect about new possibilities and adventures in life and photography, time to evaluate accomplishments and set new goals, to recover strength to fight for making dreams come true.

I wish everyone a very rewarding and joyful 2016!!

Dawn light