A forest near Jilotzingo, Mexico. November 2016. ©Eduardo Mendoza.

I’m an artist who uses photography to find my own interpretation of the world. Once a photographer for twelve years in product, architecture and commercial, now my true love resides in photographing Nature’s details, the landscape, its people and their living spaces. I’m so inspired by the work of great masters like Frans Lanting, Ansel Adams, Jim Brandenburg, Art Wolfe, Michael Nichols, Sebastião Salgado, and some others.

I, now 45, live one day at a time, going through a process of rebuilding my whole person after living with depression and anxiety almost all my life since I was a small child. The images I make now, based on my daily struggle and the words that go along them here in the blog are a way to connect with my true self, to express the complex feelings and emotions that live inside me, to find a place of solace, in the process of healing my soul and to trying to understand my very own essence as a human being. I’d very much like that my work helps to lead other people with similar struggles in life in the way to a better understanding of what happens in their own lives and as inspiration to fight their own shadows.

I’ve collaborated with Mosaico Natura (an alliance between Conabio and National Geographic) website, Mexicanísimo magazine, Sigma Photo Corp.’s website, and else. Now I’m a contributor of Broken Light Collective, a Photography non-profit empowering people affected by mental health issues; supporting each other one photo at a time.

My ultimate goal is the collaboration with projects about conservation of natural areas and indigenous peoples, traditions and cultural and natural heritage along with scientists and institutions involved, creating images that generate a conection with the natural wolrd and the peoples that harmoniously become a part of the environment.

My life finds a lot of sense in the practice of trekking, mountaineering and cave exploration, always enjoying to be surrounded by the natural world.

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