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Healing waves, gift of the beauty of Life. 

Ever wondered how to regain the innocence and sense of wonder a child has? I got a clue a couple of days ago, perhaps it works for some of you too.

The Sea, always a mystery, always inspiring, always absolutely awesome, always the same and always different, one of the greatest forces of our Mother Earth!

In my healing and recovering journey going for a run has been one of the practices that really have helped me to fight the darkness. Running along the beach is even more rewarding!, next to where the waves brake, watching and feeling the Ocean’s vastness, filling up my lungs breathing deep the salty air, feeling the warmth of the Sun and the fresh touch of the water on my skin, the texture of the sand below my feet, all gifted me with a dose of the beauty of Life, and the things that really matter in it.

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When the clouds are gone.

I do really hope that when the clouds are gone I will have the chance to see the light again, so in need of feeling the warm winds of joy blowing once more in my life.