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The Time has come. It indeed has come…

The Time has come…


Escaping from darkness 

Last year is gone, for good or wrong right?. Now a new chance unveils in front of us. 2016 had some good things about it, and for me some not so good. In fact it also brought to my life some things I definitely want to get rid off, and get a healthier, brighter life.

Now another year has just started, and having photography as my main way of expression the morning of January’s first day I walked for a while looking for some meaningful images. After a while I spotted a small group of little plants shining with a touch of sunlight against a very dark background. To me this image is the one that speaks to me the most, it seemed as if the plants were reaching out into the light, struggling to find their way out from shadow. This 2017 a similar struggle lays in front of me, an hopefully it will take just part of the year.