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Touches of sunlight and blue sky.

Today the afternoon greeted the eyes and heart with touches of beautiful sunlight and patches of blue in the sky. So many hours and hours of grey tones, rain and inclement weather set me in low power mode, I need light, a light that does not come enough from humans as it would be nicer lately, light that throws away confusion, light that pierces the veils that blur my senses and feelings. Nature is still providing, gifts like these keep me going, reminders that say that hope is still a valid word.

La época de lluvias y los cielos impresionantes. The Rain season and the amazing skies.

The rain season brings some really spectacular views of the Sky! This images are from a few weeks ago (tough these kind of clouds can still be seen these days). On a windy afternoon I went outside home with the Fuji X100S and while amazed by the power of Nature I pressed the shutter button a few times. I really enjoyed making use of the power lines in the compositions, and the light that was falling on the street.


¡La época de lluvias ofrece unas vistas del Cielo realmente espectaculares! Estas imágenes son de hace unas semanas (aunque ésta clase de cielos aún puede ser vista éstos días). En una tarde con mucho viento salí de casa con la Fuji X100S y mientras me maravillaba ante el poder de la Naturaleza oprimí el botón del obturador unas cuantas veces. Realmente disfruté el hacer uso de los cables de energía eléctrica al armar las composiciones, y la luz que estaba bañando la calle.