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My company.

My company, my love, my joy, two little beautiful living beings where I can find trust and the sense of being among those who will never betray me. That is how I feel about my two cats.

Both of them have been with me for more than ten years now, since they were just cute little kittens, I really am so, so fond of them. I’ve watched them eat, play, go to the bathroom, and sleep countless times, all with the look of love in my eyes.

December 11.

December is usually a month to wrap up things, projects, relationships.

Today this sudden idea of posting everyday for one month comes to its end, an adventure on its own, something to blog about! In fact, before starting the challenge the very idea seemed scary, from the previous experience with Ojo de Piedra my expectations about being able to post daily were not the highest to say the least, but, on the other hand, also from experience I knew a lot of fellow bloggers post every day so, why not?

It wasn’t so easy though, trying to come up with an idea every day even though I made up a list of possible themes to have at hand the mood of the day, the need for much more time to work on a post, or in some cases suddenly knowing about something important to write about made me change my mind and plans. Many days developing the idea had to take place in the evening or late at night because of the tasks I had at home for the day, or because I had to take a stroll downtown or other areas of the city, Mexico City which is really really huge, or the long hours I had to devote to a project that involves promoting my images, taking care of my cats, etc, etc.

The experience has been very rewarding, enjoyable the most of the time, and some days struggling with myself fighting the feel of being tired, or not with enough inspiration, but at last a whole lot of learning. Now I feel more confident about what I can do, to let life flow trough words and sentences without being under so much pressure of finding the “right” topic or story. I don’t really have the hang of blogging yet though, there is a lot to improve, especially dealing with the interaction with people that honour me with their likes and comments, with the new followers of this blog whom which I’m very very thankful, and with the authors of the blogs I follow, from which I get so much learning and inspiration.

So, this year has reached the Holiday season, soon it will be gone, just as this month of blogging ends here, though, more than that it’s more of a start, for this post certainly is not the last, thanks everyone!!

Staring at the lights

Where d’ya think you’re going human?

Those who have cats as family know that sometimes one is reduced to the role of a pillow. However it’s nice to have a smartphone at hand to capture moments like this. Later I tuned the image in the Snapseed iOS app and used the VSCO app to enhance the mood.

Happy caturday 🙂


Relaxing the feline way.

Well it’s “caturday”, so I couldn’t help to share yet another image of one my two cats, this one taking a delicious nap is my beloved Fuzito, the older of the two, and the one that made an appearance next to my bicycle in the post of this past November 18. Since all that can be seen from him is his back and not at all his face, I believe the following image is a much better angle to introduce him to you. By the way, since in the US Thanksgiving was just celebrated I can surely say that sharing my life with this lovely cat and his little “brother” is really something I can be really thankful for!

I made this photo back in 2012 with my great Nikon D200 and a 50mm F1.8D Nikkor lens, a very nice combo which I enjoyed a lot taking along with me everywhere, and certainly used a lot at home too.

Keep on having a nice weekend!!


First “caturday” with the X100S

Being such a lover of my two cats it’s sure that they figured among my first subjects for testing a new camera. As I mentioned in a previous post I got my X100S in last year’s June, at that time this little Fujifilm gem had been in the mind of a lot of photographers since it was announced as the successor to the original X100, a wonderful, innovative, but certainly quirky camera.

Having got my fist experiences with mirrorless cameras with the Nikon 1 system, which I sill use from time to time, and later with a Sony A7 for just a couple of months I already knew that this little but capable cameras were a good alternative to a DSLR. Since the A7 didn’t quite have for me that “magic touch” and having read wonders about the X100S I changed from the Sony to the Fuji, and that very first day when I got home with the new toy I made some images.

From those images I share with you one of the little “brother” of my other “child”, the one that has appeared on the post “Two journeys”, it’s a simple portrait, but nonetheless it is a significative picture for me, because of the one that appears in it, and because it’s made with a camera I’ve really become to appreciate.


Two journeys

For me getting up early always or almost always pays off. As a photographer I’ve come to love the delicacies of the first and last lights of the day, warm, soft, the beautiful glow that wraps around all things make those times of day really enjoyable even while not photographing. This feel is also one of the reasons I like so much to go training early in the morning, to breath the fresh air and get rid of the last remains of bed in my body. My cats love to go outside the house too at the first hours of the day, to re-scout the surroundings and check what sort of feline company visited the garden the night before previous to asking for their breakfast.


This image is from the first day I made some photos of my bicycle with my Fuji X100S, in fact they got home almost the same date, back in june 2014, a little more than a year now, and with the camera as a new toy in my hands I was really excited trying to get the hang of it as soon as possible. That morning I decided to make good use of the lovely light and try to get some good images of the bike after doing it both with my Nikon DSLR and my NIkon 1 mirrorless the previous days, so while framing the scene one of my beloved ones entered the scene quietly, I reframed quickly and was lucky to get this instant at the right time. For me it brings back a very nice moment, and makes me think now of a good journey that was starting both with my bike and my camera.

Amor incondicional, para todos los días y todas las criaturas.

Amor incondicional

No sólo el día de San Valentín debería de celebrarse al amor, tal vez uno mas adecuado para una conciencia del amor y respeto por la Vida, sea el día de San Francisco de Asís y su amor por todas las criaturas vivientes.