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From the shade.

I seem to find some peace in somber places, mostly in the absence of bright light.


Into the depths (TBT)

For this throwback thursday I’d like to share this image from back in 2005. Some friends and I posing for the “before the adventure” shot previous to making the journey through the Chonta underground river in Guerrero, Mexico. The journey takes from six to eight hours of walking and swimming in the river that goes trough the cave, that can be achieved all at once, or trekking half of the distance, camping for a few hours, which we did on that occasion, and resuming the next day. It requires some physical effort, but it’s absolutely rewarding.

This was the second or perhaps the third time I went to trek the Chonta river, I really liked it and I came back there several times, but going there for the first time a couple of years before and my destiny was all set up. The experience of going so many hours into the dark, looking at the huge chambers inside the earth while floating in the river’s current lit only by our headlamps, witnessing the sheer power of the water, that stuck even really large tree trunks into the cave’s walls dozens of meters above the river’s level, and the excitement that back then was something really new for me, all of that drove me years later into learning and practicing much more serious caving.


La época de lluvias y los cielos impresionantes. The Rain season and the amazing skies.

The rain season brings some really spectacular views of the Sky! This images are from a few weeks ago (tough these kind of clouds can still be seen these days). On a windy afternoon I went outside home with the Fuji X100S and while amazed by the power of Nature I pressed the shutter button a few times. I really enjoyed making use of the power lines in the compositions, and the light that was falling on the street.


¡La época de lluvias ofrece unas vistas del Cielo realmente espectaculares! Estas imágenes son de hace unas semanas (aunque ésta clase de cielos aún puede ser vista éstos días). En una tarde con mucho viento salí de casa con la Fuji X100S y mientras me maravillaba ante el poder de la Naturaleza oprimí el botón del obturador unas cuantas veces. Realmente disfruté el hacer uso de los cables de energía eléctrica al armar las composiciones, y la luz que estaba bañando la calle.