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First monday of 2016

Officially the new year has started! I know last friday was January 1st, but at least for me it wasn’t really well suited to start full throttle going back to my normal activities nor it was for being on the contemplative-reflective channel, having home my brother and his two little children running and making noise all around the house.

After spending the weekend to get things a little back to “normal” I really think the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 is a time to reflect about new possibilities and adventures in life and photography, time to evaluate accomplishments and set new goals, to recover strength to fight for making dreams come true.

I wish everyone a very rewarding and joyful 2016!!

Dawn light

Early light


It’s not always needed to go to exotic places to behold scenes like this, waking up and going out early gives a better chance to appreciate the beautiful light of dawn, luckily that morning I had with me my Fuji X100S to capture it.

Casi no queda comida.

Almost no food left


Los pastos que surten de alimento a las poblaciones de saltamontes, tan abundantes en el tiempo de lluvias, han empezado a desaparecer en el otoño por su mismo consumo y por la disminución en la frecuencia y abundancia de las precipitaciones. Los saltamontes que nacieron por millones ahora ya no se ven tanto en el monte.