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The not so diffused picture, my collaboration on Broken Light. 

When images are more than just pretty pictures, and say more than a lot of words.

Don’t you get excited when you or some of your relatives appear on TV??

Well, the following image means a lot to me, it’s my third contribution in the online gallery of the Broken Light Collective!! Let me tell you about it!!

Broken Light Collective is a nonprofit organisation founded in 2012 by Danielle Hark,  that strives to create safe and accepting environments where photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health challenges can display their work, as well as inspire one another to keep going and keep creating, despite the dark or scary places in which they may find themselves. The work of the collective is of trascendental importance towards fighting the stigma commonly associated with mental health issues and all the lack of understanding that surrounds it.


I’ve been very lucky to have found about this community and get in touch with it, it has made me understand my own situation a little more and look at it from a not so dark a perspective, and helped me to lighten the heavy load of the deep loneliness and suffering I have been immersed into. I feel honoured that my work in images and words has already been featured in the online gallery three times until these day!! It really is so valuable for me to share part of myself with the other members who walk along similar paths.

Here I share my three first entries that are already on Broken Light’s online gallery:



If there’s anything else I can say is that I’m so grateful with Danielle and all the team at Broken Light Collective for making me part of the community and sharing my thoughts, feelings and photographic work, it represents such an honest support for me!!

To find more about Broken Light Collective’s work and the contributions of the members please visit their website.

Explorando la Luz – Exploring the Light

A partir de hoy estaré posteando imágenes resultado de mis experiencias fotográficas, nacidas de mi imparable deseo de apretar el disparador de la cámara mientras exploro las delicadezas de la luz, la forma, el color, la textura o la composición, o mejor dicho, una mezcla de todas ellas. En ciertos casos escribiré acerca de las ideas o los sentimientos que me vinieron a la mente a la hora de hacer la imagen o bien, lo que me inspire a posteriori. Espero las disfruten, y por favor, díganme su opinion en la sección de comentarios.

From now on I’ll be posting images resulting from my photographic experiences, born from my never ending desire of pressing the camera shutter button while exploring the nuances of light, form, color, texture or composition, or better yet, a mixture of all of them. In some cases I’ll write about the ideas or feelings that came into mind at the time of making the image or instead, whatever the photograph inspires me afterwards. Hope you enjoy, and please, tell me what you think about in the comments section.

Otoño perenne