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When the clouds are gone.

I do really hope that when the clouds are gone I will have the chance to see the light again, so in need of feeling the warm winds of joy blowing once more in my life.



Tiny, connection through the details in Nature.


via Photo Challenge: Tiny

Some human beings like myself go through times when we struggle finding the connection with the rest of the people, the rest of the world, the news on the radio, a TV program, reading a magazine, are just confusing echoes of the daily life of the ones free from unveiled chains. The soul burdened with heavy loads looks for the simple closeness to Nature, focusing on the smaller, tiny details help to keep that connection, soothes the spirit, and help to bring some beautiful moments of joy and the feel that life is indeed worth living.


The Sky always turns blue again.

Clouds and grey skies are common here in November, sometimes overcast and dull light repeat for several days to the point that at times that daytime looks almost as dark as night, and yes, the mood gets a little mmm, well, depressed. Then, after a few days the eyes and soul can rejoice once more, the sky has cleared again with the gift of brilliant blues and the warm touch of sunlight.

Waiting for Spring. Esperando a la Primavera.

Yellow petals on green


Tiempos de nostalgia y melancolía, el Sol se nos anda escondiendo, como si el mismo astro rey tuviera frío. A tener paciencia en lo que los amarillos, verdes y demás colores vuelven a llenar el campo con su alegría.