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Duel of Fates

I’m my life there has almost always been the prescence of some sort of fatality. My dreams have been obscured by something that has gotten in the way, the causes are several and not completely clear to me, yet… Since my fall into darkness last November, when despair and desolation began to fade a little my mind and soul have had the chance to untie some knots in the deep, now I’m on the process of coming back to life and I’m working on finding the strength to build a different and much better future for myself. My fate until now, an almost continuum of failures, deceptions, broken projects and promises, that’s a fact, the dark branches of a twisted tree, against this fate, there’s another fate yet uncertain and somewhat diffused like leaves disappearing in the mist, but a fate that my will to live will shape solid and strong nonetheless! The duel between these two is soon about to begin…

Color and light among the remains.

Green traces of life emerging from the dead remains on the forest ground, in the like of which my mind and soul come out sometimes from obscurity to shine for a little while.

Finding scenes like this in Nature remind me of Life’s abilities to keep renovating itself one time after another. It also tells me that it’s possible to find light even in darker places, light that allows me to keep on going ahead through the deepest and most light deprived stages of my inward journey.

Music, art for soothing and nourishing the mind and the soul.

Trying to find some solace from a stressful week, an unpleasant state of mind or even dealing with complex emotions?

I’ve liked classical music since I was a young child thanks to my father who used to play very nice recordings in vinyl (before its comeback) of Holst’s The Planets, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, and many more pieces that inspired me and made grow feelings into myself. Along my life I’ve learned to appreciate the work of many other composers and pieces not always so easy to unveil for the ears and the mind, and I feel music specifically composed for cello fits into this box precisely, with some exceptions for sure. 

Some of you already know I’ve been dealing with a lot of confusion, that I’ve gone through a serious sensory overload for several weeks since last September, becoming worse in October and November, and that I’m working hard on my recovery from those and other health issues. In the days I’ve felt the worst I haven’t even been able to watch TV, listen to the radio or just any music but some easy and relaxing classical music and some recordings made for deep soothing of the brain, to help get some sleep, and counteract anxiety.

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to attend a cello live performance that was held at a museum that is really close to home so there was no need to go far using public transport, for which I still don’t feel ready to do yet. The experience was very rewarding and enjoyable, listening to Johan Sebastian Bach and other composers through the cellist skillful performance, the vibrating air motivated by the sound of the cello, those moments really help me feel a lot better, more alive, reaching some beautiful moments of peace at least for a while. I hope there will be more opportunities like that soon!

If you have a chance, you really should go and try it!