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The other way.

Waiting camera in hand for moments to happen I sometimes get images like this one. Made with my Fujifilm X100S back in september 2014.



Relaxing the feline way.

Well it’s “caturday”, so I couldn’t help to share yet another image of one my two cats, this one taking a delicious nap is my beloved Fuzito, the older of the two, and the one that made an appearance next to my bicycle in the post of this past November 18. Since all that can be seen from him is his back and not at all his face, I believe the following image is a much better angle to introduce him to you. By the way, since in the US Thanksgiving was just celebrated I can surely say that sharing my life with this lovely cat and his little “brother” is really something I can be really thankful for!

I made this photo back in 2012 with my great Nikon D200 and a 50mm F1.8D Nikkor lens, a very nice combo which I enjoyed a lot taking along with me everywhere, and certainly used a lot at home too.

Keep on having a nice weekend!!



Note: Sometimes computers, bits and bytes don’t get work well together, last night I finished this post and hit the publish button on the visual editor, this following morning I just found out it was not published, my apologies for this interruption of my month of posting every day, anyway here it is, thanks!!


If there is something special and distinctive about the Fujifilm X100 series since it was introduced to the photography world, besides its gorgeous retro looks is that it’s a camera really well suited for street photography. It became evident when a lot of photographers began publishing their experiences using it on the streets, and the loads of images flooded on Flickr, Instagram and other social outlets where scenes of everyday urban life, peculiar moments or interesting people were portrayed in colour or B&W.

All of this street photo “boom” awoke in me the itch about experimenting more the streets with a camera, I had previously photographed on the streets but mostly around special events, parades, festivals or even a manifestation against some social issues. This was done first with a Nikon DSLR and later with my Nikon 1 mirrorless camera, which of course made it a lot easier, carrying less weight and being more inconspicuous.

When I got my X100S, I started making photos of several different subjects, but taking it to the street just for the sake of capturing it in camera did not come so soon, perhaps because I hadn’t got the hang of it to react as quickly as I wanted, and also because I didn’t feel comfortable enough to deal with pointing the lens at strangers, which still happens to me sometimes by the way. Finally I did make some images more in the way I liked with more or less success, sometimes capturing something interesting.

Having reviewed my early work with the X100S I believe this is my first “true” street photo, no so well technically or compositionally executed, but I hope it has something peculiar or interesting about it.


La visión de lo que vale la pena.

Falling onto rock

La Fotografía permite la interpretación del mundo a través del ojo de quien agarra una cámara y hace “click”. La visión de cada uno refleja nuestra personalidad, cultura y opinión sobre la vida. Las imágenes que creamos pueden representar momentos memorables de nuestra vida, con la familia y los amigos, los viajes y lugares que visitamos,  y las escenas o situaciones que nos llaman la atención. Las imágenes si bien en la mayoría de los casos no nos llevan a la acción inmediata, sí nos mueven a la reflexión y hacen eco en el alma, poco a poco transformando nuestra manera de pensar y concebir la realidad. En este mundo cada vez mas despojado de identidad, humanidad y conciencia, las imágenes sirven de eslabón entre nuestra propia existencia y lo que vale la pena conservar por su importancia cultural, natural o su simple belleza.