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Relaxing the feline way.

Well it’s “caturday”, so I couldn’t help to share yet another image of one my two cats, this one taking a delicious nap is my beloved Fuzito, the older of the two, and the one that made an appearance next to my bicycle in the post of this past November 18. Since all that can be seen from him is his back and not at all his face, I believe the following image is a much better angle to introduce him to you. By the way, since in the US Thanksgiving was just celebrated I can surely say that sharing my life with this lovely cat and his little “brother” is really something I can be really thankful for!

I made this photo back in 2012 with my great Nikon D200 and a 50mm F1.8D Nikkor lens, a very nice combo which I enjoyed a lot taking along with me everywhere, and certainly used a lot at home too.

Keep on having a nice weekend!!


Amor incondicional, para todos los días y todas las criaturas.

Amor incondicional

No sólo el día de San Valentín debería de celebrarse al amor, tal vez uno mas adecuado para una conciencia del amor y respeto por la Vida, sea el día de San Francisco de Asís y su amor por todas las criaturas vivientes.