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Disentangling the Entanglement. Desenmarañando el enredo.

Do you know what is the best way to get out from an Entanglement?

I’m trying hard to find out!!

Tough times in life, when all the burdens of life make its presence all at once, when all the ghosts one has to deal with come out from the shadows at the same time, when the health of the body and soul go away, and even the professional and economic life become a complete mess, the task list becomes so large and complicated… to fix this, you have to fix some other thing before, “but before that you have to”, “and before that”… Where to start!!, the existence becomes a chaos!, dealing with confusion and desperation trying to heal the mind and soul, which is hard enough on its own, while the financial side has everything on the face but a smile, all gets mixed into an obscure, tight and diffused entanglement!, I sometimes feel so trapped inside of it… but I have to find the way out, its a matter of finding the right string!!


Escaping from darkness 

Last year is gone, for good or wrong right?. Now a new chance unveils in front of us. 2016 had some good things about it, and for me some not so good. In fact it also brought to my life some things I definitely want to get rid off, and get a healthier, brighter life.

Now another year has just started, and having photography as my main way of expression the morning of January’s first day I walked for a while looking for some meaningful images. After a while I spotted a small group of little plants shining with a touch of sunlight against a very dark background. To me this image is the one that speaks to me the most, it seemed as if the plants were reaching out into the light, struggling to find their way out from shadow. This 2017 a similar struggle lays in front of me, an hopefully it will take just part of the year.

When the the house meets work.

As some of you might have read in a previous post I made a trip a couple of weeks ago to the Sierra Norte in Puebla, in my home country Mexico. Needless to say I made a lot of pictures from which some of them I want to share here with you. In the meantime there has been a lot of work here at home besides my usual photography-related work-job-hobby-love.  The house is under a renovation process, a new bathroom, new tile flooring down stairs, a room upstairs, etc. For sure the entire house is a total mess, and there loads of things to do, I hope I have soon more time to spare at the computer getting ready those images. In the meantime I show here some of my very “few” tasks 🙂