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Restlessness recharge.

Void is not always there, and it’s not always your worst company…

The unstoppable flow from the mind, the chimes of each and every chain link breaking through the forehead bones that leave no place for calmness, for some quiet; not even inside dreams thoughts seem to get tired of being too noisy, the cascade of worries is countlessly adding to the uneasy, sleepless hours…

I’d just love to get some rest.


My company.

My company, my love, my joy, two little beautiful living beings where I can find trust and the sense of being among those who will never betray me. That is how I feel about my two cats.

Both of them have been with me for more than ten years now, since they were just cute little kittens, I really am so, so fond of them. I’ve watched them eat, play, go to the bathroom, and sleep countless times, all with the look of love in my eyes.

Almost normal. The struggle of going out.

Almost normal, like the life of everyone else.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this, should I?

Mind and body playing tricky games with me lately, many of the things that should be on track are stuck, holidays are over, so the machine should be on full throttle right? Even here on the blog some posts should be already published by now, and they’re still pending… Inspiration, concentration, focus, energy, not very much on my side lately.

Now to the point.

Solitude, which turns into loneliness easily is something my psycho doc and my therapist have told me to strongly avoid. The latter has said: “don’t get locked at home, go out with some friends, to the movies, to museums, for a walk at a nice park…”. The idea is not bad at all, not so practical though: closer to where I live aside a few shopping malls there’s not much action, for that the Centro Historico (Downtown), Coyoacan or the areas between and close around from there are the way to go; talking about culture and art this area nearby is metaphorically speaking, dead really.

Not only that, I used to go to train rope access techniques one, two, or even three times weekly, the place is across the city from home, which can take, making use of suburban bus and subway, on the short, at least 1:45 hours, on the long, close to 3 hours!

I did it for years, never reluctantly, never feeling public transportation was not good enough for me, going training or other places, by myself.

Since late November 2016, for those who haven’t read about it here on this blog, when that bad depression and anxiety relapse came, the first months I remained locked at home with the exception of going with the doctor or the therapist, by car or with the aid of Uber once, just a few subway stations, picked up by friends and family on the way home. A couple of months later the idea of getting into the subway was still not pleasing at all, but I had to anyway.

Long before the darkest months, more than a year I think, taking the subway meant a small degree of uneasy, kind of anxious sensations, something to deal with… After the falling though it turned into a dark, confusing experience, a sordid trail. The long waits for the train to arrive, minute after minute after minute of facing somber thoughts and anxiety while surrounded, pushed, crushed by human masses, loud, really loud noises, the overwhelming load of people coming and going, chatting here and there, guys with huge loudspeakers selling “music”… unbearable cacophony…

Some degree of recovery has allowed me to go inside the dark alleys again but the fact is that getting in there is still not nice at all for me, so I try not to take the plunge that route. For months I’ve stayed at home most of the days, for me going out is a possibility of finding restlessness and exposing myself to very stressful moments, wether facing the city traffic while driving or making use of the “Metro” as we call Mexico City’s subway the sensory overload is something I’m not so used to anymore. In fact some have invited me to join them going making photos, to chat for a few hours or the like and I’ve had to decline more than once since the experience is not pleasing for me, nor is very healthy.

For long I’ve wanted to share this very short series of images of what that experience has been for me. I carry a camera almost everywhere I go, images are an easier way for me to communicate what I feel or think so I portrayed some of those anguishing moments months ago. The images are from February 2016.

The greatest possible happiness.

“…You have given me the greatest possible happiness. You have been in every way all that anyone could be. I don’t think two people could have been happier till this terrible disease came. I can’t fight any longer.

If anybody could have saved me it would have been you. Everything has gone from me but the certainty of your goodness. I can’t go on spoiling your life any longer…”

V. W.

A foot in front of the other 

Is it possible to see the light after being crawling into darkness?

It’s been about a year since a mind collapse struck me the hardest in November 2016 after almost another previous year the symptoms that something wrong was about to happen were arising. I’ve learnt so many things, I’ve been through several ups and downs, feeling better and then relapsing… at times I’ve felt as if I could fly, at times I remember that even placing one foot in front of the other is like hauling around a ton of iron chains…

Photography has been a translator of my mind and soul during the hardest times, in the following days I will be sharing here and on my personal instagram account a sort of photo essay which includes many of the images that tell my journey.

An hour and a half for feet fixing.

How long can it take to take care of a few toe nails?

No, my blog has not turned into a fashion-lifestyle kind of blog!!!

Simple life events can take on a new level in the mind and heart when seen in context. In a recent article I paid homage to my brother’s endurance and everyday strength coping with the sequels of his motorcycle accident long ago with a series of images from I think 2006 until the recent months. In a way, this is a follow up of 27 later.

The event that triggered the idea, well, what really put it in motion, ’cause the idea has been rolling in my mind for years, is the minutes I spent with him in one of his frequent visits to my parents’s house, where he spends one or two nights almost every week when his work implies him to visit some clients in Mexico City (my brother lives in Cuernavaca’s suburbs ) or further ahead to the north of the country, and in that way he can spend some time with us. On a morning at the beginning of last December he was taking the time needed to take care of his feet in order to still be able to walk, and get them rid of hard skin and calluses from certain areas, and mainly from his toe tips that are a consequence of some deformations caused by the way he walks since he had that awful accident 27 years ago. The task is by no means easy, and it takes time, he even has to be answering calls from his office and clients in the meantime!!

Feet fixing 4

For the majority going through feet care is nothing extraordinary, and what really struck me the deepest that morning (not that I don’t think about it every time I watch my brother struggling harder) is the extra effort and time that takes for him something most people take so easily for granted, something so easy as walking.

As I said  before, my brother’s spirit for life is a great inspiration for me, and when he comes and stays here it seems that days are clearer! When I made those pictures that day I was really deep into darkness, in a state of constant fear and confusion because of depression and anxiety even though I was already under the watch of a psychiatrist and a psychologist working in therapy. And again, he was here with his everyday life, so I was a little better, and to complement that, since one of my best therapies is photography I was carrying my camera here and there, and when I contemplated the scene, my brother’s actions, the light entering his room and falling on him, reflecting on what was going on at those moments, being more sensitive as I am, especially in times of mental crisis like that one, I grabbed some slices of that reality, from those I made a selection, which I’m really glad to share here.

Feet fixing 2

Feet fixing 3

Feet fixing 1

I’m so fortunate to make use of camera and images to deal with the world around me!!

Feet fixing 5

27 later

Feet fix

On may the third its been 27 years that our family was deeply shaken. My brother, Octavio, had a motorcycle accident ironically a couple of blocks from home and ironically, he wasn’t driving fast that day. Since the first moment I found him lying on the ground he was not able to move any part of his body anymore but his eyes and mouth… he had simply broken his neck.

At the hospital they said he was going to die, there was nothing to do, however, he was taken into surgery on May 11th, eight days later!!! The odds were to dark, the procedure could result in 80% to 90% of chance of death, if not, a vegetative life, and at best, living but only able to move from the neck and upwards, for a time…

His case is archived as a miracle in the hospital, they are not sure how he was able to move his body again with some time, and even walk and lead a relatively normal life!!! His life and ours here at home was for months and months a tough struggle but it was for sure so worthy! Some muscle and organ sequels remained but really a piece of cake compared to the drawing that future gave us that May of 1990.

My brother has lived with the physiological and anatomical sequels really bravely, a true fighter all in all! Here I feel honoured to pay this homage to his endurance and strength, an acknowledgement from my part for being such an inspiration in my life, for keeping up with life with such a burden in his back. Those who have read this blog lately know that I have recently discovered I’ve carried my own burden for so long, one that is invisible, but real. My own struggle continues and sometimes almost unbearable, for those times watching at my brother’s spirit is the number one anchor to keep myself linked to life.

This homage made of images is born from becoming sensitive and reflecting about the essence of things taking into account the life my brother leads and a moment in his daily activities that happened here at home in one of his frequent visits, this idea came to me a few months ago, when I was at the bottom of my place in darkness, struggling with depression and anxiety, and even from there I was able to be struck by what was evident in my own images. From that day here I show only the image of the foot fixing, the others were made in previous years since 2006 (the ones from the days of the accident are somewhere else) trying to compile moments that show my brother’s quality as a life warrior.

Now, why after 27 years, why not wait for, let’s say the 30th anniversary?, what happened to him, and from my own experience, I surely know life can not be taken for granted, it can slip away in a fraction of second, and not me neither anyone else can be sure when our time here is over.

Color and light among the remains.

Green traces of life emerging from the dead remains on the forest ground, in the like of which my mind and soul come out sometimes from obscurity to shine for a little while.

Finding scenes like this in Nature remind me of Life’s abilities to keep renovating itself one time after another. It also tells me that it’s possible to find light even in darker places, light that allows me to keep on going ahead through the deepest and most light deprived stages of my inward journey.

Taking off the mask.

(Posted previously in Spanish, now a version for my followers who do better with english since the google translator in some parts alter the meaning of what I truly like to convey to you)

What do you think? Is it always possible to easily distinguish one color from another, or, going even further, can anyone give this color a clear and specific name without fear of being mistaken or entering into controversy with someone next to us who is seeing the same color but dissents from our opinion ? Maybe some will think so, but many more will agree that no one sees the colours exactly the same way as the others, so, if we can not have a certainty about a simple color, how can we judge the value of a person by just taking a glance at their clothing, their way of living, their family members or economic circumstances, or some of their character features or physical appearance ?!


This article is not about photography or travel, or adventures in caves as it had been in the past, this time I write in order to initiate a process of healing, liberation, sincerity with life. I do not pretend to generate reactions of any nature, much less commiseration, if anything, I aspire to a better understanding of the past and present course of my life from those who can and are interested in doing so, and mainly to achieve myself a somewhat deeper understanding of my life.

Encouraging myself to share this has been a very hard and conflicting decision, the following I write comes from the deepest of my own self, and being about what it is about, prejudices and stigmas will soon disturb some. Now I’m not worried about it anymore, if there are those whose short sight, closed mind or ignorance prevents them from understanding, I really don’t care.

Sooner or later the soul seeks its way, when adversity shows its meanest and most eroded face it can break down even to the deepest foundations. They say that difficult situations are when opportunities present in their greatest, so I do have the hope that the opportunity is enormous in the current state that my life is in.


The clear and timely opportunity that does present to me is to set fire to the facade that obstructs the view of my true Self, before me and before the others. The continuos burden of keeping to myself some secrets, pretending to be a “normal” (who has the right to give a definition of what normal means?) person have charged a very high fee on me, I can no longer carry that load so it’s time to uncover the “crickets pot”, open the Pandora’s box and show myself with no mask before everybody, and above everything else before myself, facing all my ghosts.

The struggle every day to find reasons to get out of bed and show a smile on my face to others, trying to appear like a normal person full of joy and enthusiasm generates a constant and harsh battle inside me. Only a few ones know that almost 10 years ago I found myself submerged in a sea of extremely dense blackness, from some people who knew about it I received rejection and discrimination, so I decided to hide a truth that I can not silence anymore, despite the consequences that revealing it now may bring.


In May 2007, without warning, I fell for several weeks in an abyss of complete darkness, anguish without measure, moments of terror and a continuous anxiety, an anxiety that burns the flesh and corrodes the soul. In those days I lost almost completely my connection with the world, crawling through the bottom of a murky, dark place almost out of all sanity from where I felt I would never return. Being almost to the point where my body did not accept any food, night after night with no sleep at all, going through the creepy sensations that generated the medication in me, then, only a voice, a survival impulse, a primitive will, the most basic instinct to live, to keep breathing threw me a rope to get out of the abyss. That same impulse made me get up early from bed after endless nights of soaking the sheets with the sweat that shapeless terrors squeezed from the pores of my skin. I do not remember well how it happened, I only recall the image of being already outside the house with the imperious need to perceive the warm touch of the rays of the Sun, and trying to calm a very intense anxiety I tried to pick up some of the world with my eyes, breathing in the aromas and colours, the textures of the leaves, the flowers, watching with a limited and diffused vision as if standing into a dark a tunnel the smallest detail, every touch of light on a leaf, following with my fingertips the plant’s stems, the petals, longing to feel some life as I struggled to expel the despair and the feel of death from each of my cells.


I lived days and weeks of intense anguish, desolation and deep confusion that inhabited my mind and my body, however against all of those symptoms the medication did not seem to offer some relief, rather on the contrary, so, when my desire to live dissipated the clouds a little I decided to leave the medication and started fighting the anguish and some of the confusion – a feel that was similar to having the sensation of having the head imprisoned between some great pliers- with a lot of willpower and strenuous routines of exercise, routines so exhausting that helped me to get a few hours of sleep.

After several weeks more there was a slight improvement, and even then I knew I needed something more to get my health and my life ahead. Months before my existence crumbled to the ground I had already decided to take a mountaineering course, I knew that there was a path for improving and healing, and I signed that October to a course of 3 months. Trekking and hiking through forests and rivers, climbing our mountains, rock climbing, going through the depths of the Earth, camping in contact with Nature, the doses of adrenaline, all that was for me a lifesaver, and something that since then I enjoy really a lot, that I love doing, and something that I can’t think of living without. Other more physically and technically demanding courses followed and in months I considered to be free of that terrible stage in my life, that fearsome ghost, of which in months and years I did not want to hear or read anything about because of the such a cruel experience I lived and the terrible memories that came to my mind. Nor did I want to talk about that in years thinking that it was already a thing of the past, where I tried to bury it forever.


Events of the present have made me realise that I never fully healed. The facts of the last months have confronted me with this reality, which, however hard it is to know and face, it opens the door for me to be free at last. How did I come to those conclusions?, without being as cruel as the episode of 2007, I have suffered a recent and very hard return to the shadows, to the confusion and to stand again in front of the infamous face of anguish and desolation. It has been months ago that the descent into darkness was coming, possibly more than a year in which within my being it began to spring an unavoidable rebellion against the heavy and hurting burden I have been carrying for so long.

In 2007 the doctor who attended me was too meager and negligent in the study of my case, fortunately the psychiatrist – yes, psychiatrist – who helps me since November, when seeking the help of one was already unavoidable, has done an in-depth analysis of many factors, physical, physiological, emotional and behavioral along my life. From everything the Dr. and I could deduce, it came to light a terrible but likely encouraging truth: since I was a very young child, or perhaps since I was born I have been living under that yoke, since then, lacking that childlike joy, always with a latent anxiety, a diffused fear without being able to recognise the source of a tangible danger.

How much can a person’s life be affected by a neural chemistry mismatch? !!! Serotonin, dopamine … a medicine school’s classroom words, harmless until they echo in your ears in the psychiatrist’s office, when he puts before you that fearsome statement, followed by a cold silence…

A forest near Jilotzingo, Mexico. November 2016. ©Eduardo Mendoza.

Yes, the signs of a condition -chronic already- of anxiety and depression have been there for most of my life, lack of concentration, too few encounters with enthusiasm, and more recently, my distractions, the lack of memory, slow but steady weight loss and muscle mass, a certain degree of confusion in some situations, difficulty in handling stressful situations, digestive disorders, difficulties to keep a conversation going on, headaches, and many other things, the list is long and affects so much …

In 2007 I tried to get ahead by myself with a lot of will, a sport lifestyle, and the best attitude I was capable of. After almost 10 years I have realised that these efforts have not been enough, that the shadow has been always along with me to a greater or lesser extent all this time and that I may have to take medicines that will help my mind for the rest of my life. Now I also know that many ghosts that come out from my past make worse that disorder in my brain, and that I must confront them, send them light and let them go. I said above that the truth was also encouraging, yes, since although a hard battle appears before me, I know that in the end I will win and I will be free at last!


I also think it is pertinent to share that much of the photographic work that I have been doing, especially the one I’ve done in recent times has much of its roots embedded in these experiences. From the prevailing need to reconnect with the world was born contemplating and capturing in images that little world, flowers, details of leaves, insects, what lies hidden on a forest ground… that one we rarely pay attention to, but that it keeps wonders to those who know how to look or is in need to understand the miracle of Life. Likewise, finding delight in staring at the immensity of the great mountains, at the huge plains as far as the eye can see, at the strokes of light through the trees canopy, at a sky crowded with cotton-like clouds , or looking for the essence of my surroundings in visual compositions that seek to convey, be it simplicity and minimalism, or the great complexity of Nature’s Creation, all of this fills my being with something special that drives me to live and that I seek to capture and transmit through my vision, a sensitive vision since yes, I am very sensitive to the stimuli, to what I experience of the world and the people, good and bad, which on one hand it’s a disadvantage, since the rough or aggressive can affect me more than it affects other people, and on the other hand, it is a blessing, because it opens my conscience to the beautiful, noble and admirable.

Facing the future.

The picture above seems to me to be very adequate to what I am going through now, most of that horizon is hidden behind dense and dark clouds, and yet it is possible to discover beyond the clouds a clear bright sky, to which I hope I will be able to get after finally unfolding my wings, rising from the ashes and getting rid of the deep shadows in which I have spent most of my life.

I do not think I can say anything else, in these weeks when my life, my mind and my soul have had to be reduced to the essential, the most basic, and now that the confusion has diminished a little, I have been able to get to some conclusions, to make some decisions and understand a little more of the road I have traveled in my life and some glimpses of what direction I should direct my footsteps from now on. What it does remain a mystery to me, is how will be that person, that Eduardo free of shadows and with a fulfilled soul, the bright and shiny Eduardo, full of Light. I really would love to have an idea, a small clue about it, I will wait until that happens, I hope I will be able to be patient, until now nobody has met him, in my whole life not even myself has met Him!!!

Will to Live

Pandora o Grillos por todas partes!!!

¿Es siempre posible distinguir fácilmente un color de otro, o, yendo mas allá, se le puede dar un nombre claro y específico sin temor a equivocarse o a entrar en polémica con alguien junto a nosotros que está viendo el mismo color pero disiente de nuestra opinión? Tal vez algunos piensen que sí, pero muchos mas estarán de acuerdo en que nadie ve los colores exactamente igual que los demás, entonces, si no podemos tener una certeza acerca de un simple color, ¿cómo es que podemos juzgar el valor de una persona por una mirada echada a su ropa, su entorno o circunstancias económicas, o algunos rasgos de su carácter o apariencia física?!


Este artículo no trata sobre fotografía o viajes, o aventuras en cuevas como había venido siendo, esta vez escribo con el objeto de iniciar un proceso de sanación, de liberación, de sincerarme con la vida. No pretendo generar reacciones de ninguna naturaleza, mucho menos conmiseración, si acaso aspiro a un mejor entendimiento del transcurrir pasado y presente de mi vida por parte de aquéllos que puedan y les interese hacerlo, y principalmente a lograr yo mismo comprender un poco mas mi vida.

El animarme a compartir esto ha sido una muy dura y conflictiva decisión, lo que a continuación relato viene de lo mas hondo de mi persona, y tratándose de lo que se trata, prejuicios y estigmas no tardarán en incomodar a algunos. Ahora ya no me preocupa, si hay quienes cuya mente cerrada o ignorancia les impida comprender, ni modo.

Tarde o temprano el alma busca su camino, cuando la adversidad muestra su rostro más descarnado y nítido se pueden llegar a quebrar hasta los cimientos más profundos. Dicen que las situaciones difíciles son ocasiones que presentan oportunidades, así que tengo la esperanza de que la oportunidad sea enorme en el estado actual en que se encuentra mi vida.

De lo que sí se me presenta la oportunidad clara y oportuna es de prenderle fuego a la fachada que que obstruye la vista de mi verdadero Yo, ante mí y ante los demás. Llevar a cuestas el mantener ciertos secretos dentro de mí, aparentando ser una persona “normal” (¿quien puede decir qué es normal?) han cobrado una cuota muy alta, ya no puedo mas con esa carga así que llegó el momento de destapar la olla de los grillos, abrir la caja de pandora y mostrarme sin máscara ante todos, sobre todo ante mí mismo, enfrentando mis fantasmas.

La lucha cada día para encontrar motivos para levantarme y poner una sonrisa a los demás, tratar de aparecer como una persona normal llena de alegría y entusiasmo genera una batalla constante y cruenta en mi interior. Solo unos pocos saben que hace casi 10 años me vi sumergido en un mar de negrura sumamente densa, por parte de algunos que lo supieron recibí rechazo y discriminación, así que decidí ocultar una verdad que no puedo acallar mas, a pesar de las consecuencias que tenga el revelarla.


En mayo de 2007, sin previo aviso me vi sumido por varias semanas en un abismo de completa oscuridad, angustia sin medida, momentos de terror y una continua ansiedad, una ansiedad que quema la carne y corroe el alma. Perdí en esos días casi por completo mi conexión con el mundo, arrastrándome por el fondo de un lugar lóbrego casi fuera de toda cordura del cual sentí que no regresaría jamás. Ya al extremo en que mi cuerpo no aceptaba casi alimento alguno, noches y noches en vela, recorrido continuamente por las escalofriantes sensaciones que generaban en mí los medicamentos con que intentaban sacarme de ese estado, solo una voz, un impulso de supervivencia, una voluntad primigenia, el mas básico instinto de vivir, de seguir respirando, me lanzó una cuerda para salir del abismo. Ese mismo impulso me hacía levantar temprano de la cama después de noches interminables de empapar las sábanas con el sudor que terrores sin forma exprimían de los poros de mi piel. No recuerdo bien cómo pasaba, sólo me llega la imagen de estar ya en el exterior de la casa con la necesidad imperiosa de percibir el cálido toque de los rayos del Sol, y buscando calmar una zozobra muy intensa trataba de recoger un poco del mundo con mis ojos, inhalando los aromas y colores, las texturas de las hojas, de las flores, recorriendo con una limitada y difusa visión como de túnel cada mínimo detalle, cada toque de luz en una hoja, recorriendo con la punta de los dedos los tallos, los pétalos, anhelando sentir algo de vida mientras luchaba por expulsar la desesperación, y el sentir de la muerte de cada una de  mis células.


Tras días y semanas de intensa angustia, desolación y profunda confusión que habitaban mi mente y mi cuerpo, ante lo que los medicamentos no parecían ofrecer algún alivio, mas bien al contrario, cuando mi deseo de vivir disipó un poco las nubes decidí dejar la medicación y fui combatiendo la intensa ansiedad y un poco de la confusión, -una que se asemejaba a tener la sensación de tener la cabeza aprisionada entre unas enormes tenazas- con muchísima voluntad y rutinas extenuantes de ejercicio que de tan agotadoras me ayudaban a conciliar algunos ratos de sueño.

Al pasar de varias semanas mas hubo una leve mejoría, y aún con eso sabía que necesitaba algo mas para sacar adelante mi salud y mi vida. Meses antes de que se cimbrara mi existencia había decidido tomar un curso de montañismo, supe que ahí estaba una solución y me inscribí en octubre de ese mismo año a un curso de 3 meses. Los recorridos por bosques y ríos, el subir a nuestras montañas, escalar en roca, recorrer las profundidades de la Tierra, acampar en contacto con la Naturaleza, las dosis de adrenalina, todo eso fue para mí un salvavidas, y algo que desde entonces disfruto muchísimo, que amo hacer y sin lo cual no concibo mi vida. Otros cursos mas exigentes física y técnicamente siguieron y en meses consideré ya estar libre de tan duras experiencias, de ese temible fantasma, del cual en meses y años no quise escuchar ni leer nada al respecto por la experiencia tan cruenta que viví y los recuerdos tan terribles que venían a mi memoria. Igualmente tampoco quise hablar de eso en años pensando que ya era cosa del pasado, en donde pretendí enterrarlo para siempre.


Acontecimientos del presente me han hecho ver que nunca sané del todo. Los hechos de los últimos meses me han confrontado con esa realidad, que por dura que sea el conocerla y enfrentarla me abre las puertas para poder ser libre al fin. ¿Cómo he llegado a esas conclusiones?, sin ser tan cruento como el episodio de 2007, he sufrido un reciente y muy duro retorno a las sombras, a la confusión y a volverme a ver cara a cara con el infame rostro de la angustia y la desolación. Meses hace ya que el descenso a la oscuridad se avecinaba, posiblemente mas de un año en el que dentro de mi ser se empezaba a gestar una impostergable rebelión contra la pesada e hiriente carga que he llevado tanto tiempo.

En 2007 el médico que me atendió fue muy parco y negligente en el estudio de mi caso, afortunadamente el siquiatra -si, siquiatra- que me ayuda desde noviembre, cuando acudir a uno ya era ineludible, ha hecho un análisis a fondo de muchos factores, físicos, fisiológicos, emocionales y de comportamiento a a lo largo de mi vida. De todo lo que pudimos deducir se destila una terrible pero posiblemente alentadora verdad: desde que era un niño muy pequeño he vivido bajo ese yugo, desde entonces ya, carente de esa alegría infantil, siempre con una ansiedad latente, un temor difuso, y sin poder reconocer la fuente de un peligro tangible.

¿Cuánto puede afectar la vida de alguien un desajuste en la química neuronal?!!! Serotonina, dopamina… palabras de salón de clase, inofensivas hasta que hacen eco en tus oídos en el consultorio del siquiatra cuando te plantea esa nada halagadora perpectiva, seguido de un frío silencio.

A forest near Jilotzingo, Mexico. November 2016. ©Eduardo Mendoza.

Si, las señales de un cuadro -crónico ya- de ansiedad y depresión han estado ahí gran parte de mi vida, la falta de ánimo, de concentración, escasos encuentros con el entusiasmo, y mas recientemente, mis distracciones, la falta de memoria, el lento pero continuo descenso de peso y masa muscular, cierto grado de confusión en algunas situaciones, dificultad para manejar bien la situaciones estresantes, desórdenes digestivos, dificultad para mantener una conversación, dolores de cabeza, y tantas otras cosas, la lista es larga y afecta tanto…

En 2007 traté de salir adelante por mi mismo con mucha voluntad, el deporte, y la mejor actitud de la que era capaz. Tras casi 10 años me he doy cuenta que esos esfuerzos no han sido suficientes, las sombras me han acompañado en mayor o menor grado todo este tiempo y que quizá tenga que tomar medicamentos que ayuden a mis neuronas el resto de mi vida. Ahora sé también que fantasmas de mi pasado agudizan ese desorden en mis neuronas, y que debo enfrentarlos, mandarles luz y dejarlos ir. Mas arriba dije que la verdad era también alentadora, si, ya que aunque se presenta ante mí una ruda batalla, sé que al final venceré y seré libre!


También creo pertinente compartir que gran parte del quehacer fotográfico que he venido realizando, sobretodo el de fechas recientes tiene mucho de sus raíces enclavadas en estas experiencias. De la imperante necesidad de reconectarme con el mundo nació el contemplar y capturar en imágenes ese pequeño mundo, flores, detalles de hojas, insectos, lo que esconde el suelo de un bosque… aquél al que rara vez ponemos atención, pero que encierra maravillas a quien sabe mirar o necesita comprender el milagro de la vida. Asimismo deleitarme ante la vista de la inmensidad de las grandes montañas, de las planicies enormes hasta donde alcanza la vista, de los trazos de luz a través de las copas de los árboles, de un cielo poblado de nubes como algodón, o buscando la esencia de mi entorno en composiciones visuales que buscan, sea la simpleza y la sencillez, o la gran complejidad de la creación, llenan mi ser de algo especial que me impulsa a vivir y que busco captar y transmitir a través de mi visión, una visión sensible ya que sí, sí soy muy sensible a los estímulos, a lo que experimento del mundo y las personas, bueno y malo, lo que por un lado es una desventaja, pues lo rudo o agresivo me puede afectar mas que a otros, y por otro lado, es una bendición, pues me abre la conciencia ante lo bello, noble y admirable.

Facing the future.

La fotografía que está aquí arriba me parece muy adecuada a lo que estoy viviendo, la mayor parte de ese horizonte se oculta tras densas y oscuras nubes, y aún así se puede vislumbrar atrás un cielo claro y nítido, al cual tengo la esperanza de poder llegar tras desplegar finalmente mis alas, alzarme de las cenizas y librarme de las profundas sombras en las que he pasado la mayor parte de mi vida.

Ya no creo poder decir mas, en éstas semanas en que mi vida, mi mente y mi alma han tenido que reducirse a lo esencial, a lo más básico, y ahora que ha disminuido un poco la confusión he podido llegar a algunas conclusiones, a tomar algunas decisiones y a entender un poco mas del camino que he recorrido y algunos atisbos de hacia donde debo dirigir mis pasos de ahora en adelante. Lo que sigue siendo un misterio para mí, es cómo será esa persona, ese Eduardo libre de sombras y con un alma plena, el Eduardo brillante, lleno de luz. En verdad quisiera tener idea, esperaré hasta que eso suceda, espero poder ser paciente, hasta ahora nadie, en toda mi vida ni yo mismo lo he conocido!!!

Will to Live

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Escaping from darkness 

Last year is gone, for good or wrong right?. Now a new chance unveils in front of us. 2016 had some good things about it, and for me some not so good. In fact it also brought to my life some things I definitely want to get rid off, and get a healthier, brighter life.

Now another year has just started, and having photography as my main way of expression the morning of January’s first day I walked for a while looking for some meaningful images. After a while I spotted a small group of little plants shining with a touch of sunlight against a very dark background. To me this image is the one that speaks to me the most, it seemed as if the plants were reaching out into the light, struggling to find their way out from shadow. This 2017 a similar struggle lays in front of me, an hopefully it will take just part of the year.