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My Fall.

Here in Mexico City and its suburbs autumn arrives somewhat later and with much less intensity than in the northern part of the country, the United States, or especially Canada, the foliage of the majority of trees nor does fall, neither turns into the vibrant hues of red and orange, so trying to find an image for my own taste that captured the feeling of the shorter days and the qualities of light that come with this season has been hard for me, even more so since in the preceding weeks I haven’t got the chance to travel to a location more suited to my mood.


Luckily a couple days ago I found this leaf next to a dried out fruit of a tree we here call “breva”, pretty similar to a fig, laying on a “lavadero” a fixture that is used to wash clothes by hand. The leaf’s subtle hues, its beauty preserved even though life had almost completely vanished from it, the lovely textures, next to the fruit’s touch of brown-reds and orange made click in my eye, my mind, and my camera.

Una entrada con encanto. An entrance with charm.

Old entrance

Vagabundear por las calles del Centro Histórico de México siempre es interesante. Debido a que muchas de las construcciones fueron edificadas hace mucho, incluso siglos, los largos años que han pasado a través de las paredes, el piso, la piedra, el aire mismo, son evidentes a la vista. Justo al salir de uno de los restaurantes de la calle de Regina apenas había caminado unos metros hacia Isabel la Católica cuando esta entrada llamó mi atención así que me detuve a echar un vistazo. La luz y las texturas de paredes y techos, el piso húmedo y el silencio, contrastando con la bulliciosa calle afuera apenas detrás mío, realmente causaron una sensación especial, lo que me hizo sacar la  cámara, la Fujifilm X100S, e intentar captar ése sentimiento en una imagen.

Wandering the streets of Mexico City’s downtown is always interesting. Because many of the buildings were built so long ago, even centuries, the long years that have passed through the walls, the floor, the stone, the very air, are evident to the eyes. Right at the time I was leaving one of the restaurants on Regina street I had just walked a few meters towards Isabel la Catolica street when this entrance called my attention so I stopped by to take a look. The light and textures on walls and ceilings, the wet floor and the silence, contrasting with the noisy street outside just behind of me, really gave a special feeling, which made me take out my camera, the Fujifilm X100S, and tried to capture that feeling in an image.