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Still some of winter remains in August


Now the summer is full on. Greens are everywhere, rainy nights, beautiful mornings, still inspired by a music album by great icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, from whom I’ve come to know and listen his great music in the recent months, I have the ability to realise that there is some of the past Winter roaming in my bones, in my thoughts…

At times, the colours are not so bright, the Sun shines outside, but my skin filters some of its light and warmth…


Ready for the warm.

The trees, many creatures of nature, and especially myself, are ready for warmer, sunnier days.

I got this image the other day when I was shaking some of the winter from my body, and after a whole week I got locked inside the house for a bad cold that kept me away from exercising. As is often the case, I had the Fuji X100S with me.


Reindeer Picture – Siberia Photo – National Geographic Photo of the Day

Photograph by Dmitriy Nikonov as appears in National Geographic "Photo of the Day"

En la época navideña es bueno recordar que los renos no sólo colaboran a entregar regalos, también son parte de la vida y el sustento de muchos de los pueblos nómadas del norte de Europa. In Christmas time it is nice to remember that reindeer not only help to deliver gifts, but also are part of the lives and living of many of the nomadic peoples of nothern Europe. Reindeer Picture – Siberia Photo – National Geographic Photo of the Day.